5 New Travel Based Startups to Look Into

gregory-gopman-travelI love to travel as many of you may already know. I have been all over the world from Europe to New York City to the South Pacific, and its always an adventure. I also love to experience new things and share my photos and thoughts about new locations is visit. Sometimes though I look for other outlets to help plan my trips or come up with activities while vacationing. Enter these 5 new startups that are primed to change the face of travel in the near future. Below you will find pertinent information on these new companies and feel free to check them out. Enjoy!

Tripme: Tripme is a travel app that is the backpackers new best friend. The app helps the user to find other backpackers in the area, thereby creating a community of traveling folk to network. It is great for many reasons, some being the syncing of trips backpackers have been on, plan to go on, or are curious about. Tripme is also great for chatting, asking questions, and even following other backpackers travel updates.

Class: Class is a hotel booking app mostly to be utilized for very frequent travelers. App users will choose their end destination for their travels and the app will accumulate a number of four-star rated hotels in the area. Users will be able to set hotel criteria as well to keep the results precise. Another major plus for users is that once a reservation is booked the users will receive a room upgrade, breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and drinks or dinner complimentary.

GuideAdvisor: This new company has acquired guides to 75 countries and counting. Any user of the service can browse through activities for a specific destination and look for personal guides for their travels directly on the website.

DELI: This new innovative platform that helps users decide on a destination to travel to and gives other criteria to help determine the right trip. DELI asks users to answer a six question quiz and upon completion a list of potential destinations is compiled. The list will also include activities and venues for each location in terms of music, bars, shopping, local food spots, and anything else that might interest a tourist. DELI is beginning their program in Amsterdam and will expand to other major European cities and capitals in the next 6 months.

CampReward: CampReward allows users to search and book campsite reservations as well as RV parks. Users can also view nearby events and activities close to the campground or RV park. CampReward is set launch sometime this year.

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