5 Down South Country Travel Spots

If you still don’t know where to go for the July 4th weekend or for your big summer trip, allow me to help you out. From my cross country trips I think I found some of the best spot to travel to in the United States if you’re looking for more of a country, down south, barbecue type vacation. Below you will find my top picks for your not so average vacation. Enjoy and have a great time on your travels.


gregory-gopman-nashvilleHome of blues, and known as the all encompassing “Music City”, Nashville is amazing. The weather is darn near perfect year round and the people couldnt be nicer. There are tons of attractions in Nashville if you’re looking to view a couple touristy things. You’ll find the Country Music Hall of Fame, Ryman Auditorium (the world famous performance theatre), and more bars serving whiskey inspired cocktails in mason jars than you can count.

While you’re in Nashville you must check out the Hatch Show Print. Hatch show Print in now located in the Country Music Hall of Fame and was originally founded in 1879. It was and still is a legendary letterpress print shop that lead the “brash” style of music that embodied classic country music.

For lunch there are no other options that the critically acclaimed Pepperfire. If you love hot chicken that crispy, juicy, and served with homemade potato salad, this place is your haven.

New Orleans:

gregory-gopman-new-orleansCommonly known as “Nola” or “N’awlins”, New Orleans is a travel destination for everyone. Whether you are looking for a boozed crazed time at Mardi Gras or a relaxed vacation where you can order all the gumbo and oysters you can eat, New Orleans has it all. The southern hospitality defines this city as music fills the streets and everyone is curtious.

The southern/french inspired food fusions truly awake the pallet. One of the most classic delicacies in New Orleans is the Po Boy. There are tons of restaurants serving up the city’s most eaten dish but there is only 1 Killer Poboys. This restaurant is nestled behind the Erin Rose Bar and is the crowned jewel when it comes to New Orleans traditional cusine. They by far serve up the meanest seared gulf shrimp, meatloaf, and other fresh ingredients to make you keep coming back year after year to visit.

For something of slightly slower pace and more relaxed I would suggest visiting the Louis Armstrong Park. The park is located in the Tremé neighborhood and offers visitors a more quiet time and a step into the past. The park was named after the world famous Louis Armstrong, a New Orleans native. Be sure to visit the Congo Square which was the site of 19th century slave dances. Blues, Jazz, and Rock n’ roll can all base their roots in these slaves dances.


gregory-gopman-austinAustin has become all the rage lately, hosting food fairs, music festivals, and start-up community events. Austin is extremely affordable to live in and is the ideal spot for young adults from 21-35. Texas is known for a lot of things, but one in particular could be the reason you book a trip to Austin today. Texas barbecue is widely regarded as having one of the best barbecues in the world. If you love barbecue like I do then you need to visit La Barbecue and Micklethwait. Serving up barbecue staples like brisket and mouth-watering steak, these two restaurants are dishing out massive portions because as you know, “everything is bigger in Texas.”

What better way to wash down all that barbecue and soak up that southern sun than tasting a few craft beers. Do yourself a favor and visit the Jester King Brewery for all your hoppy desires. Formerly a farmhouse, the Jester King is one of the most popular breweries in the area, complete with their own tasting room, brewery tours, outdoor seating, and one of a kind beer.

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Airplane Travel Etiquette

gregory-gopman-travel-airplane-etiqutteI travel a lot and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I travel by plane, train, and automobile to get from one destination to another quickly and with the most savings. I have witnessed and experienced many things in my time traveling but one thing I make an important point to address is travel etiquette. Whenever you are in a public setting such as an airplane, it is vital to travel with respect towards other passengers because you are a sensible human and you’re also locked in a metal tube 35,000 feet above the ground. It’s probably best to get along with everyone and enjoy the flight. Below you will find some of the most important rules of etiquette while flying. Enjoy!

gregory-gopman-tsaRespect The Security:

I know there are a lot of steps when it comes to air travel security but the fine men and women of this country’s TSA are there to protect and defend our airports, airplanes, and the people using them. Try and make the process a little easier by preparing to go through security beforehand. Make sure your belt is off (if you decided to wear one), empty your pockets, your shoes are off, and you don’t have any big liquids in your bag. The faster you get through security the quicker you can get to the airport lounge and wait for your flight in a more luxurious setting.

gregory-gopman-overhead-binDo Not Take Up The Whole Overhead Bin:

No one wants to pay the extra baggage fees that airlines charge passengers, so sometimes people take it upon themselves to get the biggest carryon bags allowable. This “technique” can cause a few problems for other passengers. Everyone needs room to properly store their belongings and there is a limited space available. Be courteous and share the communal space and don’t hog the overhead bin.

gregory-gopman-flight-attendantDon’t Fight With Flight Attendants:

Do yourself a huge favor and listen to the flight attendants. There is no use fighting with the attendants so you can finish texting your best friends or posting another Instagram photo from the window. The more you listen to the attendants the quicker you’ll be up in the air and maybe enjoying a free cocktail if you play your cards right.

Recline With Care:gregory-gopman-airplane-seat

When it comes to sudden pain and irritation there are few things that trump a chair reclining into your knees with lighting speed and the power of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Personally I take a casual look behind me to see if there is anyone there, and if not I can recline to my heart’s desire. The absolute last thing you want to do is jolt backwards, spilling some poor travelers Fresca all over their lap. Always recline gently and don’t be THAT guy.

gregory-gopman-children-flying“Check” Your Children:

If you are a traveler or family with children, please please please keep them in control to the best of your ability. I understand a baby may be hard to keep quiet as it cries, but when it comes to children crawling under seats and playing knights and cowboys in the aisle, there needs to be order. Other passengers most likely want to relax or sleep but with the constant fake laser sounds and giggling it is most likely impossible. On the other hand, a message to all passengers, a wise man once said “patience is a virtue,” so do your best to exercise it.

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When In New York City

gregory-gopman-ny-nycNew York City is widely known as one of the best cities not only in the United States but in the world. It’s no wonder why despite it being just under 470 square miles, it is still heavily populated at just under 8.5 million people. Many call it “the city that never sleeps” and why would it? There is so much to do in New York City and so much to see. Bars and restaurants will stay open late to accommodate as many people as possible.

When it comes to tourist attractions, New York City certainly doesn’t lack it. Located in the Financial District you have the Freedom Tower. The Freedom Tower is a new beautiful building which holds a lot of history dating back to the Twin Tower era. If you’re traveling from France, you can visit a gift that France gave the United States, the Statue of Liberty. Located on Liberty Island in Manhattan, enjoy a nice ferry ride to the large statue in which you can explore the history of Ellis Island and even go inside the Statue of Liberty. Take a trip in the evening to Times Square, also located in Manhattan. Here you will see many cool large lit up buildings where one of the most famous arenas, Madison Square Garden, resides.

There are endless option of things to do in New York City. You can eat in Little Italy or China Town, visit prominent parks like Central Park, or even visit landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. When visiting NYC, you’re most certainly in for a fun filled and action packed time.

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Travel in Luxury Around the World…For Free!

gregory-gopman-travel-advisorDo wish to see the world? Do you not have millions of dollars? That is perfectly alright. How are these two questions related you may ask. Traveling the world without spending all the money in your family’s bank account is as simple as becoming a travel advisor.

Becoming a travel advisor is hard work and not for everyone but it has countless perks and priceless positives. Luxury travel advisors traverse the world attending meetings, expositions, events, and more on a regular basis. This is not becoming a travel agent and being transactional and sales oriented, but instead working directly with other travelers on a more personal basis and sharing your experiences to enhance their vacation.

Virtuoso CEO, Matthew Upchurch has been quoted in saying “Travel advisors manage your most valuable, non-renewable asset: your leisure time,” and “I’ve never seen people go from zero dollars to a million-dollar book of business in such a short amount of time.” Upchurch went on to say that travel advisors bridge the often overwhelming gap between a salesperson and the vacationing party.

Although you will be able to attend ritzy parties, swim in areas considered uncharted to most, and eat foreign delicacies from around the globe, being a travel advisor is a full time occupation. The position comes with a lot of responsibility and work but is rewarding, exciting, and educational at the same time.

I have labeled a few points below to better inform you on becoming a travel advisor:

Step One:

Contact a host agency close to where you currently live. Also feel free to reach out to companies like Virtuoso for an informational interview. Stay up to date on travel publications to stay informed on the industry. Travel Pulse, Travel Weekly, and Luxury Travel Advisor are great picks.

Don’t Expect Immediate Financial Returns:

Becoming the best in the field may take some time. Over the course of your first year you will grow your business as much as you want to put into it. Most advisors see their work really paying off in their second year.

Understand You’re In Sales:

You must be willing to put yourself out there in front of people and sell yourself. You must be able to deliver all the right information to clients and be able to blow them away with your knowledge and experiences. You will also develop personal bonds with clients to have them coming back time and time again.

Create Your Niche:

There are tons of people who have been to Paris or Tokyo but how many can say they’ve been to a rare private island in the South Pacific? Find where you can make the biggest impact and attract the best clientele. Become a guru for your specific field and you’ll be sure to be successful for anyone looking for specific trips.

Be Perfect:

Planning trips properly isn’t always easy. Sometimes problems come up and you need to readjust. Becoming a successful travel advisor is about knowing all the details. One must know all the little things and be able to change their plans on a dime. Having all the information will show to your clients and they’ll have a smooth vacation.

If becoming a luxury travel advisor sounds like the job for you check out some more information online and do your research. Thanks for visiting my page and check back soon for more updates.

-Gregory Gopman

5 New Travel Based Startups to Look Into

gregory-gopman-travelI love to travel as many of you may already know. I have been all over the world from Europe to New York City to the South Pacific, and its always an adventure. I also love to experience new things and share my photos and thoughts about new locations is visit. Sometimes though I look for other outlets to help plan my trips or come up with activities while vacationing. Enter these 5 new startups that are primed to change the face of travel in the near future. Below you will find pertinent information on these new companies and feel free to check them out. Enjoy!

Tripme: Tripme is a travel app that is the backpackers new best friend. The app helps the user to find other backpackers in the area, thereby creating a community of traveling folk to network. It is great for many reasons, some being the syncing of trips backpackers have been on, plan to go on, or are curious about. Tripme is also great for chatting, asking questions, and even following other backpackers travel updates.

Class: Class is a hotel booking app mostly to be utilized for very frequent travelers. App users will choose their end destination for their travels and the app will accumulate a number of four-star rated hotels in the area. Users will be able to set hotel criteria as well to keep the results precise. Another major plus for users is that once a reservation is booked the users will receive a room upgrade, breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and drinks or dinner complimentary.

GuideAdvisor: This new company has acquired guides to 75 countries and counting. Any user of the service can browse through activities for a specific destination and look for personal guides for their travels directly on the website.

DELI: This new innovative platform that helps users decide on a destination to travel to and gives other criteria to help determine the right trip. DELI asks users to answer a six question quiz and upon completion a list of potential destinations is compiled. The list will also include activities and venues for each location in terms of music, bars, shopping, local food spots, and anything else that might interest a tourist. DELI is beginning their program in Amsterdam and will expand to other major European cities and capitals in the next 6 months.

CampReward: CampReward allows users to search and book campsite reservations as well as RV parks. Users can also view nearby events and activities close to the campground or RV park. CampReward is set launch sometime this year.

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Spring 2015

1. U.S. Virgigregory-gopman-usvirginislandsn Islands

The Virgin Islands are beautiful year round but they are even more of a special place right after winter. The climate isn’t too hot and the water is always gorgeous. Also, every April there are major food fairs, brilliant parades, and huge island parties. It also doesn’t hurt that since the peak travel season during the holidays is over, airfare and hotel prices are much lower.

2. Amsterdamgregory-gopman-amsterdam

An extremely popular tourist destination, Amsterdam is one of the top cities to visit in the world. Whether its the snaking canals throughout the city or the vibrant festivals. In March the city celebrates the annual Keukenhof festival with millions of tulips. Summer is the peak season for travel to Amsterdam so getting in before the rush is key to getting the best deals.

3. Parisgregory-gopman-paris

Everyone knows how beautiful Paris is and it is amazing anytime of year, but this is a great time for more reasons than just the natural beauty and to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower. The climate gets warmer and the city begins to liven up. Pop up shops and vendors line the shores of the Seine and cafes are a buzz with conversations and coffee. Do yourself a favor and visit Paris at this special time of year.

4. Grand Canyongregory-gopman-grand-canyon

The Grand Canyon, the ultimate trip for families with RVs, young adults, and more. The natural awe of being near and inside the Grand Canyon is inspirational to say the least. The canyon provides countless stunning vistas to take pictures and explore. Another great thing about the canyon, its so big that you may be lucky enough to walk-about without other visitors.

5. San Diegogregory-gopman-san-diego

San Diego is not only warm and the home to great surfing but it also has an exciting spring season. Whether you are attending the annual Coronado Flower Show or stopping by the San Diego Zoo, SD is the place to be on the west coast of the United States.

6. Athensgregory-gopman-athens

This one might be a bit of a flight but it will be all worth it when you land in Athens. Visiting this historic city is like stepping back into history. There are more than enough monuments, statues, and museums to visit and take pictures of. Summer is the peak season for visiting Athens so it would be in your best interest to look into visiting in the spring.

7. Rio de Janeirogregory-gopman-rio

Rio, Rio, Rio what more can I say? Rio de Janeiro has become the hub of sporting events lately and has attracted worldwide attention. The tropical city is also well known for its delicious food, giant statue of Jesus, and crystal clear waters. The spring time in Rio is great as there are tons of outdoors activities, shopping galore, and the annual Carnival celebration.

8. Bermudagregory-gopman-bermuda

A tropical island located in the Atlantic ocean, Bermuda is home to upscale golf courses, pink sanded beaches, and foreign delicacies. Commuting on this oasis is extremely easy with the fun of mopeds. This island is known for its relaxed culture and low travel rates.

9. Cape Towngregory-gopman-capetown

Cape Town, South Africa is well known for its beautiful and one of a kind geography, great white sharks, among many other things. The beaches are a great place to lay out and catch some rays while there is also Table Mountain to hike for exercise.

10. Monacogregory-gopman-monaco

The home to annual Grand Prix racing and the Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco is a place for the rich and powerful or those who would like to play the part. The spring time will have the least amount of visitors which couldn’t hurt as you lay out on Larvotto Beach.

My Trip to Bali


Bali is an incredible place for anyone to visit. It’s cheap, safe, and one of the most beautiful and authentic places in all South East Asia. From the all night parties in Kuta to the holistic retreats in Ubud, Bali is a small slice of heaven on earth.

For the 2014 holidays, myself and my friend Max decided to take a little work-cation to Bali. We did 3 nights in Seminyak and 3 days in Ubud. Both cities were incredible all around. The food, the people, you name it. We would get $4 massages and then enjoy a 4-course $10 dinner before heading back to our pool-villa and punching out 6 hours of work. While in Seminyak we spent days at the Potatoe Head pool or next door at the W hotel. Both are 5-Star spots and free for anyone to enjoy. While in Ubud we spent days doing Yoga at Yoga Barn or hanging out in vegan juice bars like Alchemist. It was easy to relax and let go. It was the type of trip that makes you consider becoming an ex-pat.


Getting around Bali is also very affordable. A driver for the day will cost you around $50 and allow you to see all kinds of incredible things. One day we visited a monkey forest, a holy water temple, the rice fields, and a bat cave. Another day I went to a petting zoo and a kopi luwak coffee plantation. Everything is within a 2 hour drive and each spot is unforgettable. And unlike other places, you don’t feel rushed or hustled for more money constantly. People in Bali are friendly and peaceful. I can’t say enough about how relaxing this place is.

So visit Bali! Whether you want a $2 fruit smoothie or to play with a 150pd python, this place has it all. And go before it’s too late, places this good don’t last forever. I put Bali in my top 3 places in the world and somewhere I definitely wanna lose myself for a couple years one day.

Top Cuban Destinations

With President Obama’s recent decision to open up diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba many are wondering what and when the next steps will be. When will people be able to travel to Cuba or import Cuban products directly? Only time will tell but hopefully the relationship between the two nations will grow strong and open up countless avenues that will mutually benefit both the U.S. and Cuba. I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase the best areas of Cuba in my opinion. Enjoy!



Lets start off this list strong with the nations capital, Havana. Havana is most well known for its rum, classic cars, cigars, and Rumba music. Havana is the beating heart of Cuba and hold rich history that is readily apparent when you arrive. With brightly painted houses and buildings amazing and authentic food, Havana is sure to entertain and excite.


Located on the southeastern side of Cuba, Holguin is chalk-full of history. If you would like take a step back into history and learn about the nations past, this is the place to do it. With museums, galleries, and colonial inspired architecture, visiting Holguin is like taking a step back in history. The city is also close to Guardalavaca and Emerald Beach where you can enjoy all the best beach activities.


Do you enjoy relaxing? Do you enjoy scenic beaches with beautiful views, warm water, and palm trees? If you answered yes to these questions Varadero has something special to offer you. Only a few hours from Havana this sandy shored paradise awaits.


Known as the Pearl of the South, Cienfuegos is famous for its stunning buildings. Its extremely historical and shows offer world famous landmarks like the Triumph Arch and Valle Palace.


Cayo Coco

Not located on the mainland of Cuba, Cayo Coco is most well known for its ritzy resorts and quiet beaches. If you are planning on booking an all-inclusive trip to Cuba anytime in the future, this is the area to consider most. With more activities you can dream of adventure is at the tip of your fingers when you can explore the jungle, scuba dive with exotic fish, and hop aboard a speed boat.

I hope this list helps and gives you a great look into the wonderful and beautiful nation of Cuba. Once relations begin to strengthen and trade routes and travel become available, Cuba will be a hot destination for tourists and is sure to be a great vacation.

Everything You Need to Know About Cruises

Cruises have become extremely popular vacation ideas. Families love the idea of traveling within a beautiful area and seeing all there is to offer rather than just the resort. I have taken the liberty of listing a few key items to help people plan for their next cruise. If planned properly they can be an amazing experience and leave everyone with wonderful memories and maybe a tan.


Cruises Can be Tiring

On a cruise you can literally do whatever you want. There are endless possibilities for exploring or trying new things. You can get off the boat at each and every dock or remain on the top deck and catch all the rays you can handle. In my opinion, if you want to make the most out of your trip, be prepared for long days and a bunch of sightseeing. Most cruises arrive in a new location each day, so most likely you’ll want to get off the ship and explore.

The cruise line works with a few companies during the whole voyage and allow travelers to sign up for excursions in different locations like scuba diving, ziplining, or horseback riding. The excursions can be a ton of fun as they allow people to experience new and exciting events and have fun. Personally I would prepare to spend some money signing up for some of the extra excursions.

The Endless Evening Possibilities

Evening entertainment is a huge deal on cruises. Whether there is a show at dinner or a movie below deck there are always events that get travelers involved and keep the party going all night long. Most cruises have many restaurants with different selections so no one can ever complain about there not being all the food they dream of. Again you can be as active as you want on a cruise so feel free to dance the night away or read your favorite book in the library.

There are a lot of health and fitness activities availablebench press

Most cruises are highly equipped with state of the art exercise equipment and facilities for travelers who can’t take a week off from the gym. Usually you can find a track surround some part of the ship like the top deck. There are also areas to lift weights, get your cardio fix, and even join a fitness class. Most ships also have added features like saunas, steam rooms, and even massages. Take full advantage of these offerings.

It can be great value for money

Going on a cruise is not exactly cheap when you think about the initial cost of it. However when you think about the cost of a cruise versus the cost of a trip where you could see multiple countries all in the same week, it looks and feels a lot better.

You are basically paying for the convenience of having a room, the same room, in multiple locations where you can leave all your belongings.

Formal Clothes Will Be Required

Its always a good idea to pack something formal whenever you go on vacation, just in case. On a cruise there are usually formal dinners where people dress in their fanciest attire, bowties, glass slippers, and all. Feel free to take out the old tuxedo and that little black dress, eat a wonderful dinner, and even dance a number or two.

Singapore: The Most Amazing Little Country in the World

SingaporeSingapore is the little country that could — rising from a impoverished and abandoned British colony to most modern city in the world. My Singaporean friends like to brag that Singapore “played a perfect game of Sim city for the last 50 years.” Whatever the rhyme or reason, Singapore is awesome and you should consider making a visit, starting a business, or investing in this best of bread city in Asia.

I started going to Singapore in 2012, as I expanded my hackathon company, AngelHack, into the region. I was shocked by stories of $1,000 fines for putting gum on the ground and executions of tourists who smoke weed, two things which are legal where I live in San Francisco. But, upon entering Singapore I quickly realized I wasn’t in some dangerous foreign land, I was in a Disney-world like country, filled with rules to protect citizens and keep the area safe. Bottle popping night clubs, karaoke parlors, an epic bar scene, and all night restaurants are everywhere throughout the city. To understand Singapore, you must understand it is rated the most competitive country in the world and they built the country around what they believe a productive society should look and feel like.. And whether you think that’s good or bad, it’s totally working!!

Singapore is one of the best places in the world to start a business as an ex-pat. It offers the same tax free shelters as Hong Kong, a super simple process for creating a business, and has an incredible amount of resources at it’s disposal. It’s home to the largest shipping port in South East Asia, a booming tech sector, and is more affordable then most developed country. In general things are 15-20% cheaper than in the USA. Plus, and this is a really  big plus, everyone speaks English!!! Singapore also brings in a diverse group of wealthy individuals for tourism and business conferences. The city is easy to navigate. The government is constantly sponsoring grants to help different industries improve inside the country. There is a lot of family activities like theme parks, shopping malls, and parks. There’s incredible architecture all around you. Basically, no matter what your industry, Singapore is probably a place you can find a lot of business.

All and all, I love Singapore. It’s one of the best developed countries in the world, a gate-way to South East Asia, and has opportunities galore. If you go, make sure to ask people where their favorite restaurants in town are, apart from success, nothing makes a Singaporean happier than talking about food. And notably, their food is amazing also!

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