Singapore: The Most Amazing Little Country in the World

SingaporeSingapore is the little country that could — rising from a impoverished and abandoned British colony to most modern city in the world. My Singaporean friends like to brag that Singapore “played a perfect game of Sim city for the last 50 years.” Whatever the rhyme or reason, Singapore is awesome and you should consider making a visit, starting a business, or investing in this best of bread city in Asia.

I started going to Singapore in 2012, as I expanded my hackathon company, AngelHack, into the region. I was shocked by stories of $1,000 fines for putting gum on the ground and executions of tourists who smoke weed, two things which are legal where I live in San Francisco. But, upon entering Singapore I quickly realized I wasn’t in some dangerous foreign land, I was in a Disney-world like country, filled with rules to protect citizens and keep the area safe. Bottle popping night clubs, karaoke parlors, an epic bar scene, and all night restaurants are everywhere throughout the city. To understand Singapore, you must understand it is rated the most competitive country in the world and they built the country around what they believe a productive society should look and feel like.. And whether you think that’s good or bad, it’s totally working!!

Singapore is one of the best places in the world to start a business as an ex-pat. It offers the same tax free shelters as Hong Kong, a super simple process for creating a business, and has an incredible amount of resources at it’s disposal. It’s home to the largest shipping port in South East Asia, a booming tech sector, and is more affordable then most developed country. In general things are 15-20% cheaper than in the USA. Plus, and this is a really  big plus, everyone speaks English!!! Singapore also brings in a diverse group of wealthy individuals for tourism and business conferences. The city is easy to navigate. The government is constantly sponsoring grants to help different industries improve inside the country. There is a lot of family activities like theme parks, shopping malls, and parks. There’s incredible architecture all around you. Basically, no matter what your industry, Singapore is probably a place you can find a lot of business.

All and all, I love Singapore. It’s one of the best developed countries in the world, a gate-way to South East Asia, and has opportunities galore. If you go, make sure to ask people where their favorite restaurants in town are, apart from success, nothing makes a Singaporean happier than talking about food. And notably, their food is amazing also!

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