My Trip to Bali


Bali is an incredible place for anyone to visit. It’s cheap, safe, and one of the most beautiful and authentic places in all South East Asia. From the all night parties in Kuta to the holistic retreats in Ubud, Bali is a small slice of heaven on earth.

For the 2014 holidays, myself and my friend Max decided to take a little work-cation to Bali. We did 3 nights in Seminyak and 3 days in Ubud. Both cities were incredible all around. The food, the people, you name it. We would get $4 massages and then enjoy a 4-course $10 dinner before heading back to our pool-villa and punching out 6 hours of work. While in Seminyak we spent days at the Potatoe Head pool or next door at the W hotel. Both are 5-Star spots and free for anyone to enjoy. While in Ubud we spent days doing Yoga at Yoga Barn or hanging out in vegan juice bars like Alchemist. It was easy to relax and let go. It was the type of trip that makes you consider becoming an ex-pat.


Getting around Bali is also very affordable. A driver for the day will cost you around $50 and allow you to see all kinds of incredible things. One day we visited a monkey forest, a holy water temple, the rice fields, and a bat cave. Another day I went to a petting zoo and a kopi luwak coffee plantation. Everything is within a 2 hour drive and each spot is unforgettable. And unlike other places, you don’t feel rushed or hustled for more money constantly. People in Bali are friendly and peaceful. I can’t say enough about how relaxing this place is.

So visit Bali! Whether you want a $2 fruit smoothie or to play with a 150pd python, this place has it all. And go before it’s too late, places this good don’t last forever. I put Bali in my top 3 places in the world and somewhere I definitely wanna lose myself for a couple years one day.

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