Top Cuban Destinations

With President Obama’s recent decision to open up diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba many are wondering what and when the next steps will be. When will people be able to travel to Cuba or import Cuban products directly? Only time will tell but hopefully the relationship between the two nations will grow strong and open up countless avenues that will mutually benefit both the U.S. and Cuba. I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase the best areas of Cuba in my opinion. Enjoy!



Lets start off this list strong with the nations capital, Havana. Havana is most well known for its rum, classic cars, cigars, and Rumba music. Havana is the beating heart of Cuba and hold rich history that is readily apparent when you arrive. With brightly painted houses and buildings amazing and authentic food, Havana is sure to entertain and excite.


Located on the southeastern side of Cuba, Holguin is chalk-full of history. If you would like take a step back into history and learn about the nations past, this is the place to do it. With museums, galleries, and colonial inspired architecture, visiting Holguin is like taking a step back in history. The city is also close to Guardalavaca and Emerald Beach where you can enjoy all the best beach activities.


Do you enjoy relaxing? Do you enjoy scenic beaches with beautiful views, warm water, and palm trees? If you answered yes to these questions Varadero has something special to offer you. Only a few hours from Havana this sandy shored paradise awaits.


Known as the Pearl of the South, Cienfuegos is famous for its stunning buildings. Its extremely historical and shows offer world famous landmarks like the Triumph Arch and Valle Palace.


Cayo Coco

Not located on the mainland of Cuba, Cayo Coco is most well known for its ritzy resorts and quiet beaches. If you are planning on booking an all-inclusive trip to Cuba anytime in the future, this is the area to consider most. With more activities you can dream of adventure is at the tip of your fingers when you can explore the jungle, scuba dive with exotic fish, and hop aboard a speed boat.

I hope this list helps and gives you a great look into the wonderful and beautiful nation of Cuba. Once relations begin to strengthen and trade routes and travel become available, Cuba will be a hot destination for tourists and is sure to be a great vacation.

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